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Data Aggregation

As a medical transcription company, how much time do you spend running reports and extracting data for the different clients you transcribe for? Do you have someone on your staff running reports daily or maybe every payroll cycle? What if there was a more efficient way?

ScriptWire automates the entire process for you. We have extracts for eScription, EMDAT, MModal, iChart, and Medent that aggregate the data for you. Using the ScriptWire website you can run reports or view key performance indicators from your dashboard to see how productive your staff is. All of your data visible from a single location allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Timesheet management

How do your employees submit their timesheets? Could your process be streamlined? For medical transcription companies we can automated the process for you. Utilizing our data aggregation process we can provide your employees with a simplified view of their timesheet showing them production data along with hours worked in one view. This eliminates the process of manually tracking their line counts.

The timesheet is customizable to suit your companies needs. Allow your staff the flexibility to track different categories of hours including PTO, training, on-call and other hours. We have different timesheet modes to support clocking in/out or just keep it simple and have have your employees enter their hours worked per day.

We offer two timesheet workflow processes. For more control once your employees submit their timesheets you can require manager approval before it gets processed by the payroll system. Or for a more streamlined process you can choose to have submitted timesheets directly processed by payroll system.

Payroll Processing

Do you dread processing payroll? Does you feel it takes too long to process? We can guarantee we can cut your payroll processing time in half and eliminate human error caused by manual processes.

Unlike standard payroll systems ours was created with medical and coding companies in mind. Now its easy to provide your employees with incentives that seemed to difficult to implement before. For example, we have payroll rules based on production. How about different shifts or even specific days of the week? We have the ability to define custom payroll rules by client, platform or even by job codes you define. It's easy to get started and we will help you customize the rules ensuring everything is configured correctly.

Once payroll has been processed we provide an easy export in your preferred format that you can then import directly into your payroll vendor. We currently support vendors such as ADP, Paychex, AlphaStaff and Proxus.

Paid Time Off

We provide two flexible paid time off configurations to best match how your company works. For simplicity, you can have your employees add their PTO entries right on their timesheet. Or if you prefer a PTO approval process, your employees can submit a PTO request and only after its approved by a manager will it appear on their timesheet.

Incentivize employees to work for you. We have a flexible PTO system to reward staff based on their years of service or even employment type. This provides you a flexible system that is easy to manage but also provides your company an advantage over the competition.

Give your employees visibility into their PTO balances right on their timesheet. This can drastically reduce their inquiries regarding their PTO balance and provide transparency. Employees can see a full history of the PTO usage.