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What We Offer

Optimize your business potential

Automated Payroll

Simplify your payroll process with automation that was written for the medical and coding industry

Timesheet Management

Eliminate the frustration of timesheets. Streamline how your employees track their time and productivity

Paid Time Off

Easily manage your employee's PTO with our simplified approval workflow that automatically grants PTO accrual based on the rules you define


Streamline your manual process

A flexible easy-to-use, customizable software solution that enables medical transcription and coding companies the ability to optimize their business, improve efficiencies, and drive new revenue streams

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Our Services

ScriptWire can help you optimize your business potential

Automated Payroll Process

Our customized payroll rules allow you to automated the entire payroll process freeing up resources and reduce errors. If we don't reduce your payroll time in half we consider that a failure.

Timesheet Management

Provide your employees a simplified timesheet process where they can see their production and hours worked in one place. Save valuable time and eliminate errors and see how simple timesheets can be.

Paid Time Off

Let us help you manage your employee PTO balances. We have rules that automated PTO accrual and have a PTO request workflow that simplifies the process of requesting PTO

Data Aggregation

Eliminate the mundane task of running reports from each transcription platform. We aggregate the data for you all on the ScriptWire website. Yeah its that easy!


We provide you a set of standardized reports that help you gain insight into your business. We offer numerous detailed reports exported to Excel that will allow you to group and aggregate data how you see fit.

Workforce Management

Let us help you manage when your staff schedule to ensure you have correct coverage. See when your busiest hours are so you can plan ahead and staff accordingly.

Employee Insights

Do you know who are your top performers are? We do and we can help you understand your staffs production so you can retain top talent and keep your staff productive.

3rd Party Payroll integration

We can provide your payroll data in any custom format that makes it easy to import into any of the popular 3rd party payroll systems.

  • Our MTs love being able to see their lines and hours on their dashboard. We’ve also had less payroll errors due to automating most of the payroll process. So it’s been a “win” for both the company and our employees!

    -Sharon A, Opti-Script Inc.

  • ScriptWire’s product has cut my payroll processing time in half! I don’t know how we managed payroll before it. The team’s customer service and commitment to excellence is exemplary.

    -Monique N., Transtech Medical Solutions

  • I have been using ScriptWire for almost two years now and it really motivates me as it lets me know when I have met my goals. The timesheet is easy to complete and submit for approval as the line counts are already entered - definitely a bonus! This program is extremely MT-friendly.

    -Nora S, Encompass Medical Transcription

Why Choose Us

ScriptWire was created for Medical and Coding companies and we know your business. We understand margins are tight and with
the market shrinking we can help you maximize your business potential and succeed where others have failed.


Over 15+ years of experience

Its hard to imagine a software solution exists that is focused on the little guy. Medical Transcription and Coding companies historically have been an afterthought in this industry. We feel your pain and have a solution that can help you.

  • Automated data imports from popular transcription platforms
  • Cut your payroll processing time in half
  • Intuitive with minimal training required
  • Easily configurable and scalable.
  • Eliminate payroll errors.
  • Easily manage PTO, overtime and minimum wage requirements
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